It’s funny–in a sad kind of way–I find myself at the little Park in Lincoln, CA again, where a mere few weeks ago I sat at a bench so excited and hopeful for the future. In fact, I was finding myself feeling confident in myself (something I haven’t felt for years, and will be explained […]

Back to Square one

‘Back to square one.’ I feel like this has been my default for the last three years (and in some cases longer). Almost three years ago my life fell apart. I know, I know, super dramatic. But there was a time when I had a plan; I expected a lot of myself, and so did […]

The Beginning

I don’t claim to hold any genius in the written word. So if you have come to this blog looking for the next Fyodor Dostoyevsky I’m afraid it will be best for you to move on. However, if you don’t mind that my blog will be riddled with grammar errors, cliched writing, and topics of […]