The Beginning

I don’t claim to hold any genius in the written word. So if you have come to this blog looking for the next Fyodor Dostoyevsky I’m afraid it will be best for you to move on. However, if you don’t mind that my blog will be riddled with grammar errors, cliched writing, and topics of debatable interest, then I welcome you with open arms!

I have been interested in starting a blog for quite some time now, but have been putting it on hold until now. I plan to have this blog be a place for me to get all of my random musings in my head out to a concrete media (and now you may wonder why a journal doesn’t suffice; well that will be a post for later). Many of the topics I have planned for this blog are ones I have had in conversations with others, or to myself. The problem though, is I find I still think about them a lot, as if I haven’t gotten the satisfaction of quenching my thirst for the topic yet. Therefore, my hope for this blog is to help quench that thirst so I can begin to quite my mind–in theory.

When I think about different things I always look at it from different angles and like to express them; even if it isn’t my personal thought on the topic. But I really enjoy dissecting something and thinking about all the ways one can look at it, while giving my personal thoughts on it. I do that because I feel it is important to look at everything in not just in the way you find yourself naturally gravitating towards, but to challenge yourself to see and [try to] understand how others might. I also love seeing how my own thoughts change with time, or if they don’t.

This blog is a personal challenge, I am very competitive. I’m excited to see where it goes.


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